Lidl, Aungier Street, Dublin

Our remit was to complete all construction, fit-out works from grey shell to completion and management of Lidl direct trades ready for opening.
Within the Lidl building lay the remains of an 11th century house, 18th century pit trap associated with the stage workings of the former Aungier Street Theatre and the foundation of a medieval parish church of Saint Peter, dating back to 1050AD.
Both the remains of the house and pit trap are still clearly visible within the completed store. These areas have steel frames within the new floor which carries protective glass. The sealed underfloor galleries also have a fresh return supply of air. MMG Contracts took responsibility of protecting these very important areas from start to finish.
We ran and completed this project during Covid-19 restriction and we are very proud that we scored the highest running average Health and Safety audits out of the 8 Contractors with live projects in Ireland at that time for Lidl.